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Frontlines - I'm so angry, my heart is hurting.

I was dc'd 4/5th's of the match. Why? I have no OIGEDRFIUYHWERTF clue as to why. It seems every time I do Frontlines, I DC at least once, but I couldn't stay connected a whole minute this time. 
My question is, why the &^*% is this? Seriously, I want to kill the nearest living thing I'm so mad. My team literally lost because I could not stay connected.It's rare I ever DC in game, the only times it ever really happens is in Frontlines. It doesn't matter what I'm doing in Frontlines, the DC is immanent. It makes me furious beyond belief. I'm using WTFast, so I can see my connection, and it goes mental when I get into Frontlines, why? Anyone else have this problem? Anything I can do? Because I seriously want to obliterate anything/anyone causing this. Who the hell designed this? God damn I'm so fiuhwoeir angry

For more details Server Monitoring Video

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