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Guys, help me out here, the luckiest persons are those who perform a Umrah and get blessings of Allah. Allah is Great, without His instructions nothing happens. And now, Allah shows His blessings on me and my family because we are going to perform Umrah soon. 

But, Help me out with Best Umrah and Hajj Tips and how to find cheaper flights for Umrah. I am little worried about it. I want to tell you, I am going first time in my life and don’t miss anything in this journey.

I have heard that flight costs vary from one day to another, is it true??? Like if you choose Tuesday or Wednesday for traveling, it can be relatively cheaper days because not many people fly through mid-week. And we can take this advantage and reduce our flights price. 

I have also heard that city of travel can influence on the fare of your flight for Umrah. if you can get a cheaper fare from one of these locations you can also find for flights from other cities nearby you where can travel from and find out, is it also true???

I have reviewed some points, see below,

• If you can fly using a connecting flight

• Flexibility of travel dates

• City of Travel

• Airline

These are some points, if you feel these are incorrect and not related to my question, then kindly let me know and share authentic material. May Allah give you a reward for this help. 

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