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In fact, LEDs share no common traits with light bulbs at all outside of the fact that they run on electricity. An LED is basically a flat wafer made of layered pieces of semi-conducting materials with a couple of electrical contact points placed at either end. They are often encased in a small bubble of acrylic for added protection and durability, and have no glass bulb, no wire filament, and no toxic or noxious gases to release should the fixture be led skylt utomhus damaged. This type of design is far more rugged than a fragile light bulb, and when LEDs are arranged in arrays, potted, and then sealed within a waterproof metal housing as is common in the case of boat light fixtures, you end up with a seriously rugged light fixture indeed. This isn't to say LED lights are indestructible, they aren't. LEDs can however stand up to repeated exposure to vibration and impacts that would make short work of most typical incandescent and HID lamps.

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