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My Dear beloved Friend,

Good day to you, I have very good deal which I needed your help. I know that my message will come to you as a surprise, but never mind, I am Mr.Binjamin Edem A Manager in Bank of Africa (BOA) in BOA Bank of Africa here in my country Lome Togo west Africa, In my Département here in the bank I discover an abandon sum of $.Million United State Dollars, that belong to one of our biggest customer here in this bank, who died years ago in a plane crash with his family, I contacted you so that you will help me see that the total sum will be transfer into your account in your country.

Upon the receipt of your reply and indication of your capability, I will give you full details on how the business will be executed and also note that you will have 45% of the above mentioned sum if you agree to handle this business with me while 50% will be for me and 5%for any expenses that may arise on the process, Because I don't want anyone here in our bank to know my involvement until you confirm this into your account and ask me to come over for the sharing as I indicated. Kindly contact me through this my official via (edembinjamin@gmail.com)

Thanks and have a nice day.

From Mr. Binjamin Edem.

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