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Xmls of different versions have different structures. You will need to do some "conversion" to it to merge the xmls together. Not many people know how to do this, but it is possible. Since I'm merely a translator, I don't do the codes so I don't know the details.

Also, depending on what kind of translation method you use, since different regions have different content, it might cause some problems.

One way to think about is if it was so easy, all the English patches in the various versions would have already released an almost fully translated xml for their region once the game download went live.

It's going to be the same and it wouldn't make sense to for them to make a completely new change to everything from what you need Blade & Soul Power Leveling. You would just have to add to the client and it wouldn't take you four hours as it did me.

Someone informed me that you can do this. What he said to do is just copy your region folder to another folder and make the installation download to that copied folder and it should take even less time. I haven't tried it, but it's worth a shot since Alpha 2 is gonna be October 16, this Friday.

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