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What To Do to Satisfy the Hajj, Last Obligation Of Islam

  • Introduction

Hajj and Umrah are the basic rites of Islam. Hajj is among the basic pillars of Islam, yet Umrah is the Sunnat e Muhammad, peace be upon him. Muslims go for the Umrah and Hajj by taking Umrah Experts Five star Umrah Pakages consultants in London for Fam..., also from everywhere around the globe.

  • Steps
  • Assuming the Ihram
  • Making circumambulations around the Kaaba
  • Offering two Rakkat prayer behind Maqam e Ibrahim
  • Performing Saee
  • Trimming or Shaving of the Head
  • Heading towards Mina
  • Staying at Muzdalifah and Arafat
  • Stoning the Sattan monuments
  • Shaving of the Head
  • Making Tawaaf


  • Things You Need To Remember

Some EXTREMELY basic, oft-rehashed missteps amid Hajj and Umrah

  • Imagining that Dua is acknowledged when they first take a gander at the Kaabah
  • Kissing the dark stone from far away and ceasing in mid-Tawaaf to do as such
  • Assigning particular Dua for particular rounds
  • Doing Tawaaf for another person's benefit
  • Going to Tan'eem over and over for different Umrahs
  • Believing that the Jamaraat are Shayaateen


  • Tips
  • Rules of Ihram
  • Designated Meeqat
  • Prohibitions of Ihram and Umrah

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