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5 Anal Sex Rules to Not Forget While Trying It with Mumbai Escorts

Believe it or not, anal sex is one of the most desired fantasies for both a man and a woman on our list, and it can be a lot of fun if both of you try it with the right techniques and tricks. There are many things that should never ever be overlooked while trying anal with your Mumbai escorts partner. Here are the 5 most mood deciding rules to live when trying this particular hottest sec act. Let’ start:

Surprise: Don’t Even Think

Word of advice to horny guys: Women don’t even like it slightly when their guys slip there hot-rods in the wrong hole by any mistake. It doesn’t matter how turned on she is, she will definitely feel the awkwardness and won’t be very happy about it.

Don’t Skip the Foreplay

When it comes to anal intercourse, foreplay is quite crucial even if she’s the type that likes sit rough. You girl may like the sudden backside surprise with sudden trysts without any clitoral stimulation beforehand, but there are also chances she might not also like it when you do the same, but in her unknowingly.

Start Slow & Rise Up Step by Step

The anal tightness is on the next level compared to the vagina. The anal tightness takes a little time more to break with a steady state of relaxation. Until that happens, don’t attempt any sudden thrust that will cause the worst kind of pain, especially for the first timers. Try to avoid it with all cost.

Relax & Push

Don’t do anal too soon or shove your hot, long rod too soon to the extreme position. Always remember, that there is no sure thing when it comes to anal sex. Your girl may not like to go through it all night. So, be prepared to back off whenever she asks you to.

Don’t Go Too Hard

Don’t get overpowered. Most of the guys get over excited while doing this and don’t think the rough consequences that they can produce and she has to suffer. Keep your power and enthusiasm in your heart, not in your rough moves. Otherwise you will end up hurting her.

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