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A Simple Approach to Study Organic Chemistry with Ease

Want to learn organic chemistry online? Or Want to get online help for organic chemistry? Online help is just a click away!

StudyOrgo is an attractive online Organic Chemistry learning program. It teaches you organic chemistry in limited time frame and will provide learning materials to students interested in organic chemistry.

Our online organic chemistry tutor involves video tutorials on key concepts, quiz questions for exams for practice, helping through virtual flashcards to understand reactions easily, articles on laboratory techniques, information about important organic chemistry sites and views and reviews of the scholars where they would throw light on organic chemistry and beyond.

Organic chemistry study online can be divided into two stages; First stage involves introducing students to important laboratory techniques and concepts covered on most professional exams. Second stage involves teaching basic principles of chemical bonding, concepts of functional groups, nomenclature, stereochemistry and reaction mechanisms followed by systematic study of alkanes, alkenes, alkynes, alkyl halides, alcohols and ethers.

Studying organic chemistry is passing through a transition phase because of familiarity with internet. Web-based materials are replacing textbooks and paper flashcards. A web-based preparatory program with classroom teachings can enhance depth and understanding on the topic. It is user- friendly program with high-end graphics, images and polished & feature rich interface with easy to use functions.

Key Features of Learning Program:

  • Understanding organic reactions by innovative flashcard method
  • Polished & feature rich study interface
  • Excellent support staff with high-expertise in organic chemistry
  • Suitable quiz questions for practice relevant to professional tests or exams
  • Detailed and step-wise mechanisms carefully drawn by our instructors
  • 100% guarantee for success

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