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Accurate Progression Albion Online Data

We need to get you guys accurate progression data based on these heavy new changes. As he wrote some of us have been here multiple betas and multiple Alphas and want to get the progression system in the right place so next Beta after you guys wipe we don't have to go through all this all over again. Lets get that progression Albion Online Silver system locked down and the way forward is wiping all the data so we can all properly see the kind of progression that happens afterwords. Some people going to quit, some people going to take a break, but what matters is we get accurate feedback and data based on the new system and not data based on the ruins of the old system.

I believe there may be a brief misunderstanding, progression with this new system isn't faster, nor slower. It is a consistent rate which you gain worth from effort put into it, So Kudos to the Devs.The misunderstanding however comes from the leap past T6 into T7 or T8.3.

When the system was implemented previous fame was carried over into the next tiers. So mid-game was complete missed for a hefty part of the titles Cheap Albion Online Gold player base if you guys really are running topology then this is a bad thing. It does effect the market, it does effect the game environment.

You guys still have 2 months left of the scheduled beta, and unlimited amount of time to hold launch off. I suggest you wipe it for a global restart because right now any data that has been collected is quickly becoming volatile. There is plenty of time left to go over long term.

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