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Advance Kissing Tips for Sex-Pros to Try with Mumbai Call Girls

Most of us think kissing is something very basic, but they are totally wrong with their perception. You just can’t imagine how amazing sexual tension you can create just by putting your mouth on her in the right way, in the spot. If you think you already have mastered the supreme kissing techniques, then read this article once and think about it twice; who knows, you may be missing something or everything. Here are few tips that you can practice with our beautiful Mumbai independent escorts to blow your girl’s mind upside down with next level kissing tricks. Call or Whattsapp Me at +91- 9820554956 and +91- 9820188043 today.
Girls Definitely Like Variety

As like you, girls don’t like the same thing repeatedly with their guy over and over. It gets old and boring after awhile. Take your time and learn some new techniques in a while. Try to move around while kissing and don’t just stay on her mouth the whole time. Move your lips to her neck and back or gently nibble on her ear. Staying in one spot the whole time will make mouth tired quickly than you imagine.  

Importance of Touch

Touch her body gently and calmly while continuing kissing practice with our prettiest Mumbai call girls. Touch her hair and neck. Start with a gentle caress and get more and more passionate with time being. It will spend excitement shivers down to her spine. Run your hands all over her body. Don’t take wrong assume that touching her body means going straight to her vagina or breasts. Run your arms over her cheek and arms. 

Be Kissable

Always make sure that your lips and mouth aren’t too dry while kissing. Make them soft and kissable, while also making sure that they don’t get too wet either. She definitely won’t like to go all in with slippery and slimy lips. Practice good oral hygiene. It’s really-really crucial if you want to be a kissing-pro. Believe me, a bad breath or slimy lips or yellow teeth are not going to help you anyhow to be a kissing-expert with our independent Mumbai Escorts experts. 

Need more kissing tips? Why don’t you try one of our sexy Mumbai VIP Escorts for your kissing practice? Our Mumbai Model escort service guarantees you that they will not disappoint you with their sweet red lips. For details, queries, and to hire our renowned Mumbai escort agency for your ultimate kissing pleasure. We all are eagerly waiting for you. 

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