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Albion Online Of Additional Learning

The big fix would to be make crafting more in depth. Any tier horse or ox require leather, planks and bags. Armor need to use the lower tier to make the higher tier. And that's jus a start. Items should break down from use faster and only be able to be repaired so much before u have to buy a new Albion Online Gold. I'm fine with the progression,/grinding, the game is made so u should be at max tier in a month. People cry if things are not easy or handed to them. Sandbox games should take time and their needs to be a use for the lower tier items. Its beta, so its going to need a lot of little changes, but it needs the changed on the lower tiers before the higher tiers.
People with lots of money will simply be able to buy the ressources anyways, so what difference would it make if they buy the materials, then make the first 50 on their own, or if they buy the finished items? Locking it to the crafter who created it will not really help in any way there. I agree with the base issue though that this would in effect be an additional learning point system, not just for players with a lot of real money, but also big guilds and groups to invest their capital into skilling even faster than now.
If we look at it from another perspective. If people with lots of money, be it ingame or out of game money converted buy lots of items instead of ressources by buy Albion Online Gold, this is good, because then item prices stay stable .. which would be the most important thing they want to achieve anyways. Currently players HAVE to focus on ressources only .. thats already implemented anyways so the whole P2W aspect is there, like it or not.

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