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Toy Guitars are one of the most commonly used musical instruments. It has 4 to 18 free strings which are plucked to get the sound. The sound is projected through a hollow wooden, plastic box or an electrical amplifier and a speaker. Many different types of these instruments come in toy form for children. There are variety of such instruments constructed for children of age 5-7 years old. Children under 5 usually cannot play these instruments.

They can only play with the ones that are working on batteries that have buttons that light up. Children above 5 years of age can play with string guitars or an electric guitar that have amplifiers and microphones. For kids of this age group, guitars are usually smaller in size. These smaller guitars have exactly the same sound as an adult guitar but is only smaller in size for ease of handling by a younger kid having smaller hands. The guitar’s neck is narrower and shorter to adjust to the kid’s fingers.

Mostly kids start from acoustic guitars and then move on electric guitars. These guitars for young children come with various options for ease. Most of these guitars for kids have 4 strings and are 15, 18 or 24 inches in size. Some of these guitars have microphones. Toy Guitars for kids come in different colors to make them attractive, like brown coloured one for boys and pink funky ones for girls.


Anything that children use or go through at a young age, leaves a strong impact on their minds. Children are very sensitive and remember every detail that they witness at that particular age. The toys they play with have to carefully be chosen by the parents as they can leave a long lasting impression on a kid’s behaviour. When kids are given toy guitars, they develop a sense of music from a very early age along with developing an interest in musical instruments. Such kids grasp a knowledge of music from very young age which helps them learn proper use of these instruments much earlier than people who haven’t played with such instruments when they were kids.

Learning to play a musical instrument has many intellectual benefits. The basic fact is when you learn something, you practice that again and again, and practicing makes you better as your brain operates in a particular way which is beneficial. Science has proven that when children learn to play music, their brains begin to hear and process sounds that they couldn’t otherwise.

This sharpens their brains and leads to improved academic skills for kids. Moreover, when a kid is made to learn music he is also taught to be actively engaged into something. This is very beneficial for his mental health as he improves in focusing on things which also triggers his curiosity to explore and learn rather than being dull and slow. These kids also have better processing of speech and better reading scores. Therefore, playing with a toy guitar not only develops the interest for music in kids but is also beneficial for their mental health.

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