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As Auroria opened a month into the game we prepared ourselves for the onslaught in the area over special mining nodes which would be used to create and claim a guild castle. There are onl 4 on the server to start and everyone wants to get one. Many people tried, but only we managed to do it first. Our preparation and planning was astounding, our coordination top notch and our PvP prowess was on Albion Online Silver. We defeated our enemies and pushed them out while we gained the resources needed to claim our castle. We were first on the server and one of the, if not the first, worldwide to claim a castle. Then three weeks later we successfully defended our castle as well as participated in the only siege on our server.

Xen of Onslaught completed yet another first by downing Morpheus. This was the 5th server/world first we had achieved in ArcheAge. With Morpheus down we have gained the next level in Dream Ring and are the only people on our server to have the upgraded version available. The progression of content as both a dominant PvP and PvE force continues.
Xen of Onslaught is a multi-tiered gaming syndicate established prior to the release of SOE's Planetside in 2002, an MMOFPS designed for what, at the time, was considered rather rare in the online gaming arena: world-scale FPS gameplay.
Xen of Onslaught is and always has been a community above all else. Games are supposed to be fun. And though after eight years of playing as a whole this may have sunk to subconscious level for some of its members by Cheap Albion Online Gold, no action, no matter how small, is ever made without taking this into account. Everyone has something to contribute, everybody a niche, and whether it be running for a leadership role, a creative skillset, a monetary donation, or just a favor for a guildmate, every little bit sees appreciation. And every member is expected to give it, when they can, in return.

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