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Assassin Or Kung Fu Master in Blade and Soul

Which one is better in soloing and team fights?
Assassin... in solo or group PvP and PvE.

As long as you know ur solo / group builds for PvP and PvE then ur good to go.

Solo PvE = very easy, you only need 3 skills and 9 skill points (you can do this as early as level 20-25)

Group PvE = super easy, your party will love you. HP regen smoke screen etc. (you dont even need a party to do anything coz you can do everything on your own)

Solo PvP = you can kill anyone. skill matters most ofc, if you master all ur skills, you can kill even well equipped level 45 at level 20~25~

Group PvP = you are the parties DPS and support for smoke screen etc.

assassin is jack of all trades and master of tricks, traps, tactics and death

IGN: PrinceMark / ProtosX

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