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The bagpipe practice chanter for sale is a double reed woodwind instrument whose main function is as an adjunct to the Great Highland Bagpipe. In this respect, its purpose is twofold. First, it is the instrument used to learn how to play the Great Highland Bagpipes before taking up the bagpipes themselves. Secondly, as its name implies, the practice chanter can be used as a practice instrument for a more experienced player.The Bagpipe Chanter for sale is a cost effective instrument for beginners. Constructed out of cocus wood, this finely crafted training instrument measures 19 inches in length and has the mouthpiece and the holes that are found on real bagpipes. You can learn the proper fingering and blowing techniques without having to hold a full-sized instrument. For your convenience, we include a set of plastic reeds to get you started with your lessons. You'll be on your way to playing the bagpipes in no time at all.

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