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The PvE is decent as well as the combat but BECAUSE it actually has endgame content, a decent OWPVP system AND actually has an E-sports scene via Arena, the game manages to attract a wide range of players with different tastes that can play together without too many barriers (AKA separate PVP and PVE servers). So in a sense, I think BnS does a lot of things right to appeal to PVPers, PVEers, and PvXers equally compared to other games.

Black Desert had a good goal in the beginning but after playing it for a few months upon its release in KR I found that the PvE was abysmal in the sense of just pure grinding for levels/gear for ONLY GvG (Quite literally), and the fact it had nothing to offer endgame wise - IE Removal of field bosses, lack of dungeons, bad AI on bosses and mobs. They killed off their OWPVP scene completely with the way they changed the karma system on release, which was actually more or less balanced in closed beta with Blade And Soul Gold. Their Arena PVP never truly existed to begin with so no competitive PVP that could qualify for E-sports. Without anything else to offer in any of those fields you find people get bored with nothing else to do.

IMO, based on what I've said I felt the game didn't cater to anyone specifically at all.
In the end I concluded the game only catered to people that like playing for farming/economic simulators, having little to no challenge, eye-candy/e-fashion, grinding, or having a power trip in GvG with gears they farmed. Mind you, there's a lot of people that like those aspects in a game which is why I still think BDO is on the top 50 list in Korea other than that it's "fresh and new".

I don't dislike BDO as a game, but I do dislike what direction they decided to take for the game.

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Comment by AnastasiyaGreee on April 14, 2017 at 10:22am

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