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Original Title: Blade II

Genge: Action,Horror,Sci-Fi,Thriller















































After the events with Deacon Frost, Blade continues to destroy as many vampires as he can. A new breed of super-vampire has appeared, which becomes an even greater threat than any evil currently out there. A group of high powered vampires, led by Nyssa and Asad request help from Blade in order to take down Nomak. Can Blade work alongside the very things he vowed to destroy?
Reapers, a new breed of vampire that feed off humans and vampires, emerge with plans for world domination and Blade must team with the Bloodpack, an elite team of vampire warriors specifically trained to hunt him, in order to defeat this new menace.
Well, damn... Just when I thought 2002 was headed for the turd bowl in the mainstream action-film department, Guillermo Del Toro (director of CRONOS, the DEVIL'S BACKBONE, and THE MIMIC) had to go and bust out an essentially rare item: a sequel that outdoes its predecessor (see Aliens and Evil Dead 2 for further examples). BLADE 2, which essentially picks off where the first one left off, is a hyper kinetic blast of a flick that doesn't stop to breathe…and yes…that's a good thing. The original BLADE, albeit a powerful contribution to the action/horror genre in itself, suffered from extensive space between entertainment and the horrifying acting job delivered by N'Bushe Wright (who doesn't come back for the sequel). Its action sequences, however, were top notch, and it's this element that Del Toro has capitalized on. The movie is basically a 2-hour fight session, with guns, spikes, blade-arangs, and kung fu sequences layering every available minute. And I repeat, folk…this is a good thing. As far as plots go, this one lifts off those old G.I. Joe episodes where The Joes had to team up with Cobra to fight a greater menace (Yeah…so I'm a geek). After a new brand of vampires, the Reapers (think of a vampire crossed with a crack addict), start attacking vamps and humans alike, the Vampire Nation offers Blade a temporary truce in return for the annihilation of said Reapers. He teams up with the Blood Pack, an elite team of vampire warriors (headed by the beautiful Leonor Varela, and featuring Ron Perlman and Donnie Yen…a kung-fu badass in his own right) and heads out to kill the b*****ds off. Never mind that, though…the movie's main concern is kicking some visual tail, and with the exception of a few clumsy CGI-enhanced fight sequences (the characters seem to turn into cartoons for a split second), Del Toro achieves excellence. With a pleasant blend of humor, horror, and high velocity choreography, BLADE 2 actually delivers…a statement that, sadly, cannot be made for the majority of mainstream martial arts-related action flicks that have emerged in recent months (Jet Li's `Kiss of the Dragon', in particular, was a painful disappointment). (MINOR SPOILER ALERT!) Highlights from the flick include an amazing opener, a killer club shoot-out, and the vertical slicing of an entire vampire's body. Those particular sequences, coupled with an excellent climax, make BLADE 2 the first `real' action flick of 2002. Let's hope others prick up their ears and get a clue…
The best action flick I've seen in months. Snipes is back as the vampire killing half-vampire superhero, and is more likeable in the sequel as he has mellowed a bit over the couple years he has been on his own. They brought Kristofferson back in a reasonable way, which is good because he was the best character from the first movie.

The plot is serviceable. It's predictable but there are some subtleties, like: when there are 3 factions alliances keep shifting and no one trusts anyone. "The enemy of my enemy is my friend."

The action is fantastic. Good pacing too, not overwhelming. The combat sequences have the frenetic and floating look that is taking over Hollywood since Crouching Tiger.

The film is very violent and gory though. If you like vampire movies, and you liked Blade, you will love this movie. If neither is true, you probably won't like Blade 2... but you still might. The sequel is better than the original in some ways. Del Toro ("Cronos") is a stylish horrormeister, and he has created an evocative, foreboding atmosphere. But only a fan of this kind of mayhem could find a way into the story.
Blade IIis based on a vampire hunter featured in Marvel Comics. He was created by Marv Wolfman and Gene Colan. Blade's first appearance was in The Tomb of Dracula #10 (July 1973) as a supporting character. The comic book Blade was adapted for the movie by American screenwriter David Goyer. The first Blade movie, Blade (1998), was released in 1998, followed by Blade II. A third sequel, Blade: Trinity (2004) followed in 2004. While it's never explicitly stated, Blade is seen with a large supply of Serum, in much smaller bottles from the first film. The amount of these he has suggests he does not need to increase his dose - Chances are, once she developed this, Karen left - either to return to a normal life or to join another group. There are a number of theories: (1) A line of dialogue from the film explains, "He shot himself and then he turned", as says Rush, the vampire Blade allows to leave as a "loose end" for showing him Whistler; (2) Director Guillermo Del Toro argued that no one saw Whistler shoot himself (in the DVD commentary), so he really didn't die in Del Toro's eyes; and (3) A deleted scene from the original Blade. When Blade and Karen were climbing out into the daylight after Blade had just blown up Deacon Frost, there was a figure in the background that appeared to be Whistler. It was hinting at him returning in a sequel, but the filmmakers decided to leave it out of the film. (Probably because they didn't know if a sequel was to happen yet.)


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