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Can players run for the loose ball in FIFA 16

There is really no such thing as ball awareness for your players except for the one player who is locked onto the ball. This is true for next gen as old gen. fut16coin don't really think the ball is a separate entity at all, it seems that as so as it leave one player it locks onto one or maybe two (you and the opponent who have a confrontation), other characters. This is really noticeable with manual passing and also on crosses and corners.

Say you are on an attack, and you try to pass to a midfielder, sometimes you are switched to who you want no problem, but if you are on manual sometimes when you try and leave a pass for an onrushing midfielder, you will instead me switched to a forward. If you notice what happens to the midfielder you wanted to pass to, you will see that instead of moving towards the ball, he will always back away, never mind that he would beat the forward to the ball. He doesn't recognized this in his program, for the moment you passed, the ball locked onto the forward.

The same thing always happened on corners on old gen and almost always happens on next gen too. Only the player who is locked onto the ball will go for it, attempt to jump. The multiple players going for a cross feature that was promoted as a feature of next gen is pretty hard to see.

Things like this have been happening for years now, people giving tips, but i probably havent missed more than 3 or 4 days over the last 2 years playing fifa, and i still cant find solutions to a lot of things, probably because there are no solutions!

I would love a list to be made of all the frustrating things that happen to us in fifa, then we could send it to EA and ask them what is meant to be in the game and what is not meant to be in the game!

Then when we find out what annoying features are actually meant to be there, we will know that they will not be removed in the future and then decide whether we want to buy the next instalment of fifa!

This is the problem, we dont actually know what annoying things are there by mistake as a bug, or there intentionally, if only EA could step out from the dark and let us know as paying customers!

This is why players just seem to stare at the ball, they are not programmed by the game code to recognize the ball. Every once in a while a seeming loose ball will allow you to switch to another player and then he locks onto it, but this doesn't happen all the time.

I hope that the ball will become more free, and that you will have the freedom to switch players and not have them pre-locked. This would greatly increase the fun of the game and reduce one of the most annoying aspects of gameplay. However EA seems to think that assisted play and locking a pass receiver help the weaker gamers so I wouldn't be surprised to seem them insist on retaining this terrible and frustrating "feature."

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