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Wrath (LB)
Stage 1 now deals Earth damage.
Stage 2 now deals Shadow damage.
Knee (F)
Knee (Tier 2 Stage 1) now has a 30 second cooldown and pierces defense. It can now also be casted while using Hurricane (Tab).
Knee (Tier 3 Rank 1) has been merged into Tier 2 Rank 1.
Knee (Tier 4 Rank 1) has been merged into Tier 2 Rank 2.
Knee Stage 3 can now be used while the enemy is using a defensive action.
Galeforce (F)
Now restores 30 Focus.
Emberstomp (3)
Emberstomp (Tier 5 Stage 3) increases damage of Wrath (LB) Stage 1 by 20%.
Stone Shield (V)
Stone Shield (Tier 5 Stage 2) now Cheap Blade And Soul Gold ignores defense cancelling skills, increases defense by 400%, and decreases damage by 40%.
Typhoon (Q)
Typhoon now deals Shadow damage instead of Flame damage.
Added Typhoon (Tier 3 Stage 2) which no longer slows you while it is active, provides additional resistance to damage and status effects, and Stuns enemies for 2 seconds after they have been hit 5 times.
Added Typhoon (Tier 2 Stage 3) which causes an 11m Knockback but cannot have its cooldown reset.
Fury (E)
Both Fury (E) and Persistence (E) allow you to resist Drag effects.
Fury (Stage 1) now purges Immobility effects.

Force Master
Phantom Grip (4)
Added Shadow Grasp (Tier 2 Stage 4) which pulls enemies, decreases their movement speed by 80%, and prevents them from using movement skills.
Added Multiple Blaze (Tier 5 Stage 4) which pierces defense and deals Flame damage over time after a successful Shadow Grasp.
Snowball (X)
Frost Tornado (Stage 3) now prevents the target from using offensive or defense skills for 4 seconds.
Frost Tornado (Stage 3) casting Buy Blade And Soul Gold speed increased.

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