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Original Title: I'll Sell My Life

Genge: Action,Crime,Drama,Mystery


































As Freddie and Lugger, employees of Bovhini, are waiting in the parking lot of the Club Sirocco for Ruth Parmelee, they see a woman accost Ruth and then shoot her and speed away in a car. Bochini, who has loved Ruth, vows revenge. Mordecai Breen is devoting his life to welfare work among the city's needy, and publishes a small newspaper called "The Friend in Need," assisted by his former prize fighter friend, Happy Hogan. An advertisement headed "I'll Buy Your Life" appears in the paper and Breen decides to investigate. At the address given, the swanky Alhambra Arms apartments, Breen learns that the advertiser is Alfred Darnell, an orchestra leader and writer of detective stories. A number of girls answer the ad, but Dale Leyden, after being interviewed by Darnell and Velencia Duncan, is the successful applicant. As she leaves, Breen tells her that if she should find herself in the need of any assistance, to let him know. Dale tells her blind musician brother Philip that an uncle who formerly lived in South America has left them twenty thousand dollars. Meanwhile, back to the original story, Breen calls on his friend, Police Lieutenant Hammer, who shows Breen the evidence from the Parmelee murder: a pearl pendant from a bracelet, a piece of sequin from a woman's gown and part of a heel from an evening slipper. Dale calls on Breen, tells him her name is Mary Jones and gives him an envelope. When he is notified that Mary Jones is dead, he is to open the envelope that contains two letters. If he receives the sum of $18,000, he is to open the first letter and deliver the money to the name and address given, and destroy the second letter without opening it. If he doesn't get the money, he is to open the second letter and see that justice is done. Is Mary giving her life to take a fall for the killer of Ruth Permelee in exchange for money to provide an operation for her blind brother? Highly probable. Is the plot plausible? Highly improbable. Did Elmer Clifton direct worse films. Quite often.
***SPOILERS*** Bazaar and somewhat ridicules movie about this young lady out of towner Dale Leyden, Rose Hobart, who's willing to sell her life for $20,000.00 so she can get the money to have her blinded piano playing brother Phil,Robert Regent, get an eye operation to give him back his sight. We learn from Dale that she was somewhat responsible or her kid brother's condition but were never told why. Answering a newspaper add about selling one's, preferably a young female, life for cash Dale is told that by the person who put the add in the paper night club owner and band leader Darnell, Richard Bond, despite her losing her life it's the best thing she'll ever do in her life before losing it! If you or she can believe that for a moment!

It's the good guy in the movie humanitarian Mordercia Breen, Michael Whalen, who runs the humanitarian publishing house "Friends in Need" who's also is a mystery writer that gets involved in this con-job. Breen soon finds out that there's a murder involved in this transaction that Dale is to take the rap for by getting strapped in Sing Sing's electric chair! And the person whom Darnell is protecting is his girl friend the innocent and sweet as apple pie Valencia Duncan, Joan Woodbury.

***SPOILERS*** It's mob boss Bochini, Stanley Fields, who's girlfriend Ruthie was gunned down outside the Club Sirocco, that Darnell owns, who's killer turned out to be his jealous girlfriend non other then Valencia herself! This hair brain scheme by Darnell is to cover up that murder and have the innocent and naive Dale take the blame for it! That even with out the slightest bit of evidence to indite much less convict her but her word alone! Bochina saw through this scheme and got to the bottom of it by getting the killer and person involved in covering up her crime to justice. Thus preventing the totally clueless Dale from willingly paying with her life for committing it! As for the $20,000.00 she was to be paid for going through with this insane deal Dale, outside a $2,000.00 down-payment, wouldn't have gotten it anyway with Darnell stealing and destroying the contract he made with her without her as usual, being totally clueless in the matter, knowing about it! "I'll Sell My Life" is a low-budget B-movie with a cast of mostly unknown actors. This isn't a complaint--such films are often quite good. Unfortunately, while the film had a really great plot idea, the execution of the plot left me quite cold due to indifferent writing, acting and direction.

The film begins with a woman murdering another woman--though you only see part of it and aren't sure who the killer is. Soon, a famous mystery writer places a very unusual ad--that he will pay handsomely for a woman's life. What exactly does this mean? Well, whoever agrees to this arrangement will confess to the murder, get convicted and executed--and then this person's family will receive a huge check. One woman answers this ad, as she feels intensely guilty for an accident she caused in which her brother was left blinded. With this money, he could afford to get much needed surgery to restore his sight. However, a newspaper man sees the ad and decides to investigate for himself.

As I said, the plot was pretty good--and very creative. The problem is that the film did nothing with this decent script idea. The overall results are a bit listless and dull and SHOULD have been better.


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