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Cheap Cellular Phone Plans - Is VOIP Really an Option for the Masses

Whether you have a cell phone in addition to your home phone or have just opted to use a cellular phone as your only phone, you are probably facing higher expenses than you would prefer. There are ways to bring your cell phone costs down, however. We will explore the option of VOIP, or Voice Over Internet Protocol, as this option may be just what you are looking for.

Traditional cellular phone plans are expensive because the companies charge fees for various services, such as texting, or Internet access if you have a smartphone. Often you can use these types of services on a pay-as-you-go basis, but this may end up costing more than a texting plan or a data package, each already expensive additions to a cellular calling plan. Therefore, going through a provider may not be your best option for cheap cellular phone plans.

Some cell phone plans allow users to call after a certain evening hour without any minutes being used. That means that the customer can have relatively cheap cellular phone plans for their family because they pay for fewer minutes. This can be convenient, but with some companies, it may cost more for the privilege of calling an hour or two earlier. If you choose to only use the phone on weekends or after a certain hour, it means that you are paying for minutes that you are not actually using. Add to this service fees, data and texting fees, and any other fees that your cellular service provider may charge, and you or your family could end up paying a substantial amount each month just to use a phone.

You do have alternatives options, however. If you still have your home phone, use that for casual phone conversation for savings on phone minutes. If you have removed your home landline and use cell phone service exclusively, you may find that bills are becoming higher each month, and a pay-as-you-go phone may be a helpful alternative to a regular cellular plan. Some providers allow you to add time to your account online, and others require you to purchase cards that will add time to your service once they are activated. Pay-as-you-go phones also usually have texting services and Internet access, so you get the same features as you would on a traditional phone plan without the contracts and fees. Pay-as-you-go phones are the cheapest of the available cellular phone plans.

If you are willing to use a computer for communication, then VOIP may be a great option for you. VOIP is free through services such as Google Talk or Skype. This service allows you to have a conversation over the Internet, much like a phone call, but with clearer sound and a reliable connection. The downside is that VOIP generally requires that you be using a computer or have access to a computer, and not everyone does at all times. A VOIP call is not portable like a cellular phone call and cannot be used in an emergency like a cellular phone. VOIP is a great option

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