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FIFA 19 Premier League Players Skills and Analysis

Today we’ll put together an unbelievable Buy FIFA 19 Coins Online team featuring some amazing Premier League players that that will help you win tons of competitions in FUT Champions or FIFA 19 Division Rivals. And this team is made up by FIFA 19 formation 4-3-1-2. So in this FIFA 19 Premier League Squad Builder guide, we will make an analysis of this FUT team and detail you all the players skills, players instructions and custom tactics FIFA 19.
This FIFA 19 Premier League Squad will only cost you around 30K FUT coins which I feel is incredibly valuable. And it’s so incredibly effective and a great counter-attacking team with tremendous pace and power. And this can be a FIFA 19 starter squad for ultimate team.

Lanzini: This FIFA 19 Premier League player is very overpowered last year in FIFA 18, and that continues this year. 81 pace is lovely on a team. He's also got 72 shooting, 78 passing and 86 dribbling which is one of his best, that means he’s very easy on the ball and is able to drift. Price: 700-900 coins.

Schmeichel: He’s a high rated goalkeeper with 84 ratings. I actually used him in a much bigger squad builder such as FIFA 19 SBC's where the budget was much larger. Because he's that good, he's quick, great reflexes at 88 makes tons of good saves, nice distribution. He’s very cheap, you can pick him around 2100K FUT coins.

Smalling: His pace has been nerfed from previous fevers down to 68. His 81 defense and 82 physicality are still good. He wins a lot both areas in terms of attacking, set pieces from your side but also defending them well. He’s really lethal in the box, if you get a corner or a free-kick, pick him as your player to attack the ball. Price: 850-1100 FIFA coins.

Christensen: He and Smalling are really solid at defending. They cover the basis so well. He's not the quickest but 69 pace actually is quite well on the defenders. He’s got 81 defense, 82 physicality and he covers pitch very well. Price: 800-900 FUT 19 coins.

Yedlin: He is a relatively cheap fullback that only cost 800-1000 FIFA 19 coins. He’s so fast, 93 pace is absolutely electric which means you can get up and down at wing all day long which is especially good with this FIFA 19 lineup. He provides the width as does the left back on the other side, he will come to later and he both scores goals. He gets assists but he does the defensive side well. To his stats, he's good make tons of tackles, nips the ball off people, covers really well with his pace.

Rose: He's not got much pace only at 76. He gets forward all the time but also gets back well. He always gets back in time to make those tackles and interceptions. And he's got great strength in the game. Price: 800-1000 Ultimate Team coins.Read More

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