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Learning to play a musical instrument is one of the most exciting things in life. That is why most parents encourage their kids to take up music classes from a very tender age. For most parents though it is not hard to convince a child to join a music class, in fact that is the easy part. However, to help a child learn to play a musical instrument, you have to invest in an instrument that will facilitate the learning process. The challenge is in finding the right musical instrument for your kid it often involves painstaking research.

Guitar for Kids

A guitar is perhaps the musical instrument of choice for most kids. The real work begins when finding the right guitar for kids that is functional and affordable. There are different things every parent should consider before deciding which guitar is right for their kid:

1. Type

The first step when choosing a guitar for kids is to determine what type of Guitar you want, here you will have to choose between;-

i) Classical - Ideal as a first guitar for kids

ii) Acoustic - Ideal as a second or alternate guitar

iii) Electric - Ideal once you've determined the level of your kids' interest

2. Age-set

Different age-sets will need different guitar sizes. For example;-

i) For ages four to six a 30-inch (1/4) classical guitar is the ideal choice

ii) Ages six to nine a 34-inch (1/2) acoustic or classical or guitar

iii) Ages nine to twelve a 36-inch (3/4) type depends with kids' preference

3. Size

It is important to note that age-sets do not determine child's size, your kid may be young with respect to age but his/her body size is above range; in this case, you should disregard the age and buy a guitar that feels right with the size of the child.

Benefits of Playing Guitar Made for Kids

Playing guitar for kids should be an exciting and not a frustrating experience so it is important to ensure that your kid is comfortable while playing it. Here are some of the benefits your kid gets by playing a guitar made for their size and age:

1. Comfort

In order to enjoy any activity whatsoever, you need to feel comfortable while doing it. It goes with playing a guitar for kids, when a kid plays a guitar designed with their size and age in mind they feel relaxed and comfortable. This results to enjoyment and better learning.

2. Fast Learning

When kids play a guitar that is right for them, they often grasp concepts faster.

3. Better and Proper Learning

For your kid to gain maximum value from learning how to play a guitar, they need to have the instrument that is right for them from Day One.

4. Practice

To be perfect you need to practice as often as possible, to practice often you need some motivation. Nothing comes close to real motivation than a musical instrument that you just can't let go.

As highlighted above, finding the perfect guitar for kids involves much more than just conducting an online search with the words "Guitar for Kids". Before doing a Google search consider the different factors highlighted in this article. If you take every element in to consideration, you will help your kid achieve real progress when learning how to play guitar.

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