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Fortnite Week 3: How to Ring Doorbells in Different Named Locations

Now Fortnite Battle Royale challenges for week 3 of season 7 has been revealed by Epic Games, and the weekly challenges of Fortnite's Battle Pass continue to help keep us engaged with entertaining activities, and now there's a new one particular. For those who don't know how to Ring Doorbells in different named locations rapid and uncomplicated in Fortnite, well, don't worry, because we have all the answers for you below.

How to Ring Doorbells in Different Named Locations fast

Fortnite Ring Doorbells in Different Named Locations

It is worth reiterating that the door ringing challenge is only accessible to these which have the Season 7 Battle Pass. It's a challenge that can earn you additional XP that you could put towards different rewards inside that season.

First issues first, you'll choose to discover doorbells to actually ring, and as you'd expect there pretty generously scattered throughout the map. In truth, they could be identified next towards the door of practically any residence inside the game. They ought to be proper subsequent to the main/front door.

To ring a single, just method it and you'll see a prompt -the identical interactive prompt you'd see if you had been opening a chest.

Needless to say, you're expected to ring doorbells in distinctive named places, which suggests heading to areas like Salty Springs, Retail Row, or Pleasant Park -any in the primary urban areas that have their very own name.

The newest Fortnite challenge tasks you with all the following:

  • Ring a doorbell in various named locations inside a single match (2 total, 10 Battle Stars)

Should you try to remember, there's been a doorbell challenge in Fortnite previously which needed you to ring a doorbell with yet another player inside that house. Thankfully, that isn't the case this time about, so it is best to have the ability to get via this 1 considerably more immediately.

What's additional, now that you will discover vehicle solutions just like the quadbikes and planes, it's effortless to move in between areas swiftly within a single match.

That being stated, the most beneficial strategy to ring doorbells quick & uncomplicated is in our experience is to follow these steps:

Leaving the Battle Bus, head toward the center area of the map. You want to land on the western-most side of Salty Springs. There's a property on the northern road that has a doorbell you may ring.

Once you ring the doorbell, now head northeast and locate the truck with several quad bikes on top. Grab one of these and ride northeast toward Retail Row (or run if they don't spawn).

Once you arrive at Retail Row, obtain the property in the middle with its door facing southward. Simply ride up to it and ring the doorbell.

That's our method for the best way to Ring Doorbells in different named areas rapidly and easy in Fortnite.

What Are the Fortnite Challenges for Week 3 of Season 7?

Free Challenges

  • Ride a zipline in different matches (0/5) 5 Battle Stars
  • Stage 1: Land at Lonely Lodge (0/5) 5 Battle Stars total
  • Legendary weapon Eliminations (0/2) HARD 10 Battle Stars

Battle Pass Challenges

  • Search chests at Polar Peak or Tomato Temple (0/7) 5 Battle Stars
  • Ring a doorbell in different named locations in a single match (0/2) 5 Battle Stars
  • Search between 3 ski lodges (0/1) HARD 5 Battle Stars
  • Stage 1: Deal damage to opponents (0/200) (3 stages) 3 Battle Stars

If you are looking for a complete challenges guide for week 3 of season 7, head to our guide. Buy Fortnite Materials on U4GM may save you more time in the process of challenge.

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