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Original Title: Freefall

Genge: Action,Adventure,Drama,Romance,Thriller
















































Wildlife photographer Katy is sent to Africa by her fiance Dex, the CEO of the international company that publishes the magazine she works for, to take photos of a rare bird of prey previously thought to be extinct. There she meets Grant, a colleague who knows his way around the place, and falls for him hard. However, what she doesn't know is that she's the key pawn in a deadly international game of cat and mouse between the Interpol and an international criminal group.
It could be said that America is now an imbecile society: because this movie exemplifies a mature theme with mature actors that participate in a mature story, and the film has been overlooked at being good entertainment. It is underrated, and that's surprising because of its romance and exotic locations: two of the basic and desirable necessities in entertainment - (along with an attractive actress and actor; which this does have) - (no bimbo representations to tantalize the teenies). Though it may be true that there are uncommon events that take place to provide the story, (one being that the drug induced Gidley gets hypnotized to carry a list of people in her mind, in order to get passed customs), this movie is not dull or slow; which makes me want to say that it's a shame that way too many American viewers are lacking style! Come on people, watch this movie with patience, and rate it higher.
I don't like John Irvin's movies very much. Such movies as "Robin Hood", "City of Industry" and "Dogs of war". But there were also ones that I liked. This is "Raw deal" and "Freefall". I can't say that "Freefall" is the great movie, but I watched this one with a big interest. It's little unusual when Eric Roberts acts a good guy and Jeff Fahey is the bad guy. But they are both acted well. There's also strong sexual episode between Eric Roberts and Pamela Gidley. So I think the people who will like a good action will like this movie also.


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