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Get The Best And Reliable Teflon Coating Services

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The company is acknowledged as a reliable manufacturer and supplier of XYLAN/PVDF/ PTFE/ FEP ETFE/ HALAR/ ECTFE/ Teflon coatings and linings. The services of the firm are implemented and performed by their well-informed staff members with huge information and knowledge in their specific domain. The company consists of a team of highly qualified people who are experienced and skillful employees and they make use of premium methods and techniques to offer these services in tandem with market quality standards and norms. Their services are always appreciated by their clients because of the consistency, timeliness, trouble-free management and quality. Owing to their working procedure, simple payment mode, principled business strategies and timely delivery they have set a remarkable array in the industry.


The firm is very well known for providing the services of ETFE. ETFE is a thermoplastic copolymer and is derived from the polymerization of tetra fluoro ethylene monomers and ethylene. Tefzel ETFE offers superior mechanical toughness and outstanding chemical resistance. Their ETFE - Tefzel Coatings services in Vasai East Mumbai shows the extreme absorption resistance. It is designed to have strength over a wide range of temperatures, high corrosion resistance and low coefficient of friction. ETFE consist of mechanical and electrical properties with chemical resistance and it is widely used in chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The company offers high energy radiation resistance. Apart from this, it also offers superior anti-stick and low frictional properties to impact and tearings.



The fluoropolymer is a chemical compound consist of many strong carbonated fluorine bonds. On the contrary, the fluoropolymer coating is a mixture of resin binders and fluoropolymer lubricants. The unique combinations provide an extraordinary low coefficient of friction, excellent corrosion protection, and good chemical resistance. Teflon coatings are chosen on the basis of needed temperatures, expected load, tolerances, environment and other important factors. Teflon coating services  produce a slick, smooth and hard coating that provides excellent corrosion and chemical resistance. Along with this, the advantages of Teflon coating services contains nonstick, resistance to galling, less friction, nonwetting, abrasion and electrical resistance. These services are widely used in aerospace industry, oil, gas, cookware, medical and pharma industry. It is also used in various industries for cooking ware items and products that are used in the food industry. All the products rendered by them are reliable and always appreciated by the clients.

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