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The Helicopter Game 2 is just one of the most effective flash games ever made. Certainly you've played it numerous times as well as maybe you even entered the 10,000+ variety a couple of times. Pilot your helicopter around the eco-friendly cave as well as see exactly how far you can get. The game saves your last run through so you can play over and also over again trying to defeat your high rating. CAUTION: Very addicting!

Helicopter Game has stood the test of time as the best cost-free online Flash game in history. Its simplicity and also extremely habit forming quality can not be matched. You make a score based upon the distance took a trip, and that's just what maintains you playing and also claiming "just one more video game ..." It's the best time waster.

The popular Helicopter Game 2 is so addictive that you most likely will not have the ability to quit playing ... EVER. I recognized a person when that played this game so much that he stopped his job, separated his other half, and also currently lives in his mothers cellar simply playing helicopter video game all day. Yeah not truly yet it is kind of addicting. The objective is to aim to fly your little helicopter regarding you can by navigating it with the environment-friendly cavern. Look out for the barriers and don't crash right into any one of the cave floorings or ceilings. If you crash when, it's video game over no matter how far you have actually flown and also you'll need to begin again. The object of the video game is to see how much distance you could cover prior to lastly collapsing. All the best!

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