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My name is Robert. As a freelance writer who provides homework help for students, I have the opportunity to work from any part of the world, so I travel a lot. 

In this article, I wrote about holiday favorites. Hope you will find my article interesting, and if you need any homework help, you can contact me!

If you want a holiday to remember, you can start exploring resort options today. For the reasons of safety, we do not recommend the sunny beaches of Tunisia, for there have been reports of massive attacks on tourists earlier this year, and we do not encourage you to book a flight to Cairo either. You can opt for a more secure holiday by simply browsing the pages of Spanish and Italian hotels and spas. You can also benefit from booking ahead of time. If you are a fan of the European architecture, you can pick a high-class journey, which includes a 10-day trip to Paris, the capital of fashion and fashion pleasures. This is a Mecca for beauty gurus across the world and to cut a long story short, you can take advantage of cheaper hotels. For young people, who do not have duties to attend to and can travel across the country without feeling moral guilt for not sticking to the schedule, a hostel would be the best choice.

April is the best month for making plans. Holiday agencies start announcing their schedules and you can organize your trip, considering the latest discounts. Receiving introductory cards online and subscribing to a tourism channel is another surefire way to have a laid-back lounge holiday with no trouble. In case you are on a shoestring budget and want to save as much as possible, we advise you to make the bookings beforehand, which will allow you to get a decent service for half a price. We know there are many tourists who love to be guided through the streets and can’t imagine their lives without excursions, and there are special tours, designed to satisfy the crankiest of tastes. For other categories of travelers, June is the rainy season and destinations like Thai islands are completely off limits. You can think of major alternatives and choose Bali as your dream holiday place, though it may seem like the prevailing number of tourists are coming to gaze at the attractions and sample the local cuisine when the sun finally comes out. It is also believed that rainy season in India brings more attention to exotic isles, but we doubt if there is an alternative when all you can think about is a place to hide from the raging storm or the tropical hurricane. You can pick anything that slightly resembles your dream destination and eventually turn it into a charming holiday!

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