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How hard is Kung Fu Master if you are used to PSO2

I play a lot of PSO2 and I love melee classes and Kung Fu movies. So Kung Fu Master sounds like the obvious choice but apparently it's really hard to use (I will focus on pve). But coming from PSO2 melee (mainly Braver that can also only guard from the front and every counter must be timed) I am used toBlade & Soul Gold just guarding / dodging enemy attacks, would that make it easier for me to play this class?

If so, would it make a significant difference or just a small one (assuming I'll have to learn enemy / boss patterns either way).

I started KFM as my first class and I've been having fun with it, as someone who's also played PSO2. Parrying isn't too hard, the mobs often have fairly large wind-up time for their attacks giving you time to brace a parry, or dodge out of the way and lead up with a combo. Even just winging it on my first time with a boss parrying it was fairly easy.

It's definitely a worthwhile class that will reward you greatly for mastering, though be warned, it'll beBuy Blade And Soul Gold very difficult to play other classes when you get good at KFM. Comboing just isn't the same without a KFM

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