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How to Reduce Accidents in Workplace?

The organization can ensure the safety of the workplace and staffs by providing sufficient training to perform day to day work. One of the important things to avoid workplace accidents is to proactive with prevention. Knowing the duties of workers and employers is the first thing to reduce workplace accidents. Electrical safety Audit and Safety Audit consultants from the leading safety consultancy company help the organization by reducing the number of accidents. By implementing the following steps you can successfully reduce the accidents in the workplace.

Recruit Supervisor to inspect the workplace

You may appoint a person as a supervisor who is aware of the duties associated with organizations safety. With the help of a supervisor, you ensure that the workers follow the safety regulation driven by the industry and you get to know the work-related problems faced by the employees. You can also discuss with the person regarding the safety policies which is implemented.

Check with the tools available in the company

As an employer, you need to check with the safety and first aid tools available in the company. You may arrange a regular meeting with the workers to know what to improvise. You can also check whether the tools are work properly if not then you need to arrange an alternate option for those tools.

Maintain a report on each accident

After the occurrence of an accident, you need to prepare a report of that accident. The report should include the reason for the accidents, a preventive method to avoid those accidents in future and recommendation on workplace safety. IOSH Course in Chennai offered by the safety institute let the employers be aware of their responsibilities.

Exit entrances are easily accessible

Make sure that the fire exit entrances are easily accessible. This is important for the workers to avoid workplace injuries. Some of the organization may place heavy things in the exit or entrance. It is not possible for the workers to access the entrance. It is considered a safety violation.

Give ownership to the workers

Give workers responsible for maintaining workplace safety. You may also get a suggestion from the workers about the safety rules and procedures in the company. Make your workers realize the importance of workplace safety.

Create safety Programs

As an employer, you are responsible for creating safety programs and checklist for the employers to be followed. Whenever you add a new equipment or operations give training on handling the equipment before started working.

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