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Wood for a long time in this relative temperature and humidity environment, the water content will reach a relatively constant. The equilibrium moisture content of wood varies with the temperature cost of solid wpc decking and humidity of its environment, and tends to be close to the environment when there is a difference between the equilibrium moisture content and the environmental humidity.

This produces the phenomenon of wood wetting and shrinkage, which is a unique wood plastic retaining wall physical phenomenon of wood. Wood is an anisotropic body. Actual use of the wood moisture content in the fiber saturation point below, so the water gain and loss is mainly the cell wall of water adsorption. The vast majority of wood cells grow vertically, and its expansion and contraction are perpendicular to the direction of the cell wall.

It can be seen, control the moisture content of Veranda Decking Price,Veranda Decking Exporters,Outdoor Decking Who... the floor is very important. Not only must pay attention to production, laying in the more attention should be paid to prevent deformation of the floor damp.

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