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Idea for FUT 16 about position changes

First I think these position changes should be added:


Secondly, each card has a default position right? Unless there are FUT 16 coins circumstances like a team of the week, MOTM, transfer or upgrade each card will have a single position that it will always have when gotten from packs (if there are other changes then they should be gotten rid of). This should be stored as a default piece of data on the card (doesn't have to be visible on the card but maybe on the extra information of the card it is visible as something separate) and then you should be able to change the position of the card to two unique consecutive position changes from the original. So a CB could only ever get up to CM. A LM could be upgraded to a RW by LM>LW>RW. A CAM would still have all the flexibility that they do now. This establishes a limited range of position changes for CBs and wingers so you couldn't have ridiculous positions for certain players but also allows increased mobility and chemistry choices. This would reduce prices too so some wingers in specific leagues don't end up being insanely expensive because of a lack of better alternatives.

I do understand the great potential to abuse this, (David Luiz and Felipe Santana at CM coming at you would be crazy scary) but what do you guys think, would it be a good extra feature or would the exploitation not be worth it? What are other criticisms of wing switching?

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