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1. No position modifiers, they can automatically play in all positions they could be converted to. For example Ronaldo can play LM, LW and LF without having to change positions with a card. Gives more flexibility when changing formations. Or alternatively you could add a position modifier, so if you have Ronaldo LW you could buy and add a LF card meaning both positions would be on his card.

2. Same principle as above but with chemistry styles. You could add different styles rather than replacing them so you could select what chemistry style you want per game by flicking thru the chemistry styles currently added.

3. Player price caps in the transfer market. I think if there was a limit to how much you could list a player (1.5m coins, for example) it would stop people buy FIFA 16 coins. When Messi and Ronaldo are selling for over 4m coins the only way people could buy them is buying coins. It would still be hard for people to get the best players but at least feasible, Nobody could save that much from the current rewards offered playing games... And because people want the best players they buy coins. Not every one gets lucky in packs.

4. Milestone bonus for playing games -
50k for playing 50 games, 100k for 100 games or something to reward people that are playing more games.

5. Players chemistry improving as they play with players in your team. Maybe after 25 games the link goes from red to orange, then orange to green etc. or you could buy links that link 2 players together in the transfer market. Would mean a greater variety in teams.

6. Players fitness improves even if not in the squad. So you can store in your club and fitness goes up. Same with injuries healing.

7. Players squad numbers being shown on the squad screen. Without having to go to edit numbers to see.

8. Custom your own set pieces so you can nominate who goes up for corners etc.

9. Mutual quit, so if connection is poor both can agree to quit without impacting DNF.

10. More player performance stats. Average rating, clean sheets etc so you know who's playing well for your team.

11. Co-op ultimate team

12. The ability to check past match results and goal scorers. (Maybe only on web app?) and possibly your friends too?

13. Managers having more influence, if you got one of the best managers like Mourinho for example, your players stats went up a bit (pace, passing, shooting etc) meaning the better managers got more out of players like in real life. They could still have the contract boosts too.

14. Loan out your players. If you had a top player like Messi, you could loan him out in the market for say 10k per game. That way you could earn FIFA 16 coins whilst not playing and others would get the chance to use great players without having to fork out millions of coins.

15. Legends on Playstation!

16. Drop in and watch friends games, so you can watch them in action! I know this is unlikely!

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