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The decision to spur your child's musical interest is something quite a few parents face. But with the exhaustive array of instruments to choose from, you may end up holding off on acting for too long. The first thing you need to know when considering to buy a kids keyboard is that while a normal piano has 88 keys, most kid's songs can be performed with about 10 notes.

However, you child's musical intentions should offer the primary pointers as per the best piano to buy. If your child's interest in playing the keyboard isn't anything deeper than a hobby, or hovers around basic, entry-level performance, then you can get a beginner keyboard. An expensive keyboard will be out of place in this situation, but your choice should have a minimum of 48 notes, and a good collection of instrument sounds and melodies.

If your child is taking private or group lessons or preparing for piano grade exams, or if you simply want a substitute for an acoustic piano, then you can settle for an electric piano. A good fit should have a number of notes that range from 61 notes (Grades 1-4) or 80 notes (grades 5 - 8), as well as weighted or semi-weighted keys. However, if your child's interest is as far reaching as music production, you must commit to acquiring a controller keyboard. This is designed specifically for music production, and only works when connected to a computer (of course nearly every type of keyboard can be plugged to a computer through the USB port). They have no inbuilt sounds or speakers and thus cannot be used for live performances.

Key Considerations For Buying A kids Keyboard

The following considerations will equip parents who are nurturing the dreams of a little pianist:

Budget: The price range suitable for your budget will help put things into a more acute perspective.

Space: Your child will most likely need unfettered access to the keyboard, so you'll want to keep it where it can be played anytime without necessarily interrupting other activities or entertainment outlets.

Compatibility: Another key consideration is the keyboard's compatibility with computers and tablets. This enables you to tap into the music library in your device, record your playing, and feed tracks into your background while playing, without disturbing others. Be sure to know what hardware requirement that this entails.

Functionality: Your child's musical intentions must be served by the keyboard's functionalities.

Essential Accessories and Attributes

Speakers and Headphones: Nearly all types of keyboards come with headphone outlets, so your kid can have fulfilling moments of solitude while playing on the keyboard. Around-ear headphones are well-known to provide richer sounds.

Accessories: Another essential is a good keyboard stand. The weight and size of the keyboard will determine the suitable stand; the larger and heavier, the sturdier should the stand be. A secure bag or a case will come in handy whenever your child needs to carry the keyboard outdoors.


Drum sounds and demo songs are indispensable aspects of a good keyboard. Kids love playing keyboards along with other musicals in the background. Weighty keys are not usually ideal as the kids get easily worn out beating their fingers on them. Being able to move the keyboard around the house is a cool thing for the children. Nevertheless, your child's age is a primary determinant for the right kid's keyboard; spending less money on a kids keyboard for a child below 7 is prudent decision.

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