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Involuntary Separation Of Married Couples – Another Force That Works Against Sound Marriage Relationship

Involuntary separation of husband and wife is a temporary living apart of married couple as a result of job, business or education. In that case, either of the marriage partner is compelled to live elsewhere because of employment transfer, business demands or pursuit of education in another city. This is different from the separation arising from marriage conflict or crises.

In our ever growing materialistic society with its attendant economic difficulties, family unity is easily sacrificed for the material needs of the family. So a situation where husband and wife are living separately has become a norm. However, involuntary separation of married couples has ugly consequences for both sound marriage relationship and the family generally.

One, the principle of GOD concerning marriage is that the two shall be glued together. HE said: “What GOD has joined together, let no man put asunder.” It simply means that NOTHING should put asunder people whom GOD has joined together as husband and wife. Putting asunder includes temporary separation under whatever guise. To allow job, business, education or anything else to cause husband and wife to live apart is against the Godly marriage principle of cleaving together.

Two, the Bible says that two are better than one. When husband and wife are always together, they reason together by seeking the opinion of each other on family matters. The children are brought up jointly and other family tasks and challenges are carried out together. This is not the case when married couples are forced to live separately. No parent can face the challenges of child rearing alone. Single parenthood – whether by choice or involuntary – is partly responsible for the moral decadence of the society.

Three, involuntary separation exposes sound marriage relationship to lots of dangers, the worst being the danger of extra marital affair. Many homes have been broken and marriages wrecked as a result of extra marital affair arising from involuntary separation of married couples.. Only few and God fearing men can resist the temptation of cheating their wives when they are away from the woman for a considerable period of time. The same goes for women.

Now, it must be realized that anything – including temporary separation of husband and wife – which affects sound marriage relationship is orchestrated by the devil. In the past when the sanctity and values of marriage were esteemed it was not so. The society was better. Children had better upbringing. So married couples should resist any pressure that could lead to the breaking of their togetherness.

This article was originally published on Loveawake and edited with permission from the author.

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