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Involvement Of Steps For Resolving The Issues In Outlook Account

Any email could be accessed properly only by signing in the account. Similarly, you can access the outlook account only when you sign in it. Any user may across various issues that prevent them from completing the process of sign in. The issues are like they have forgotten the password, they misspelled the username, or some other factors could be held responsible. If you find that you know both username and password still you are unable to log in, then it is definitely a situation to panic about, but you can rid of all such issues by dialing the Outlook support phone number. Among all the issues the most worrisome is that someone else is using your account. In this article, we are discussing various steps by which the account could be protected from any such situation. If you have difficulty in following any of these steps, then our team help you to overcome the issues.

The first step that could be taken for protecting the account is securing your account and then adding recovering options to get back the account easily in future when you find that it has been compromised. You must always link a secondary email address to your Outlook account so that whenever there is need to recover the password you can receive the steps there. Another option by which you can receive the recovering steps is the phone number through the SMS. So, you must also link the phone number to your account for making it more secure. If you turn on 2-step verification, then another layer of security is added to your account. You can call the Outlook support phone number where our team could help you for making proper changes in the settings.

You should also check the settings of filters and forwarding of your account. There are certain rules by which your incoming emails could be filtered, and it could be used for sending emails to a label or for archiving or deleting or automatically forwarding them. For creating a filter, you have to open the search box present at the top then you need to enter the search criteria. For checking that your search works correctly you have to see what emails show up when you search. At the bottom of that window, you can find a link ‘create the filter with this search’. You can get the help of our team by calling in an Outlook support phone number.



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