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Is the Batman v superman dawn of justice is upcoming next in 2019?

While first looking on the rumored line-up for DC comics building cinematic universe, it is hard not to note the sudden loss of Batman. during the last 25 years or so - and particularly inside the closing 10 - DC has leaned on the dark Knight like no other hero in their stable, however if they found out schedule seems to be actual, then the subsequent 4 years are going to be absolutely missing in solo Caped Crusader movies. But if a new rumor is to be believed then we may not have to wait too much longer for the next Batman movie.

Assets have instructed the folks over at Latino-evaluation that further to movies like Shazam, Sandman, Justice League, surprise girl and more coming out over the following four years, we also can expect a brand new solo batman v superman dawn of justice  movie a while in 2019. Reportedly the working identify of the task is The Batman, even though obviously at this early stage that would exchange in a heartbeat, and the task is expected to be the first solo film for Ben Affleck's model of the mythical vigilante.

The exciting extra little bit of information that L-R adds is the opportunity that Affleck won't just be running in the front of the digital camera on the rumored movie. Of their record, they observe that Affleck's subsequent directorial attempt, stay by using night time, goes to be going into manufacturing in the summer season of 2015 with an October 2016 launch date within the crosshairs. If The Batman isn't always clearly being planned until 2019, the actor-cum-filmmaker may want to without difficulty take the production by way of the horns and helm it himself. whether or not or now not he would be simply inquisitive about the gig is an entire other question, however given his records with and affinity for comics, I would not believe that he could brush aside the job out of hand. For the reason that the film is to date away, but, the solution to this query might not be available till years and years from now.

The Bat mobile                                         


The batman v superman dawn of justice administrators Tim Burton and Joel Schumacher delivered us Bat mobiles full of flash and style, and Christopher Nolan made one which turned into essentially a tank, however for Batman v Superman: dawn of Justice, director Zack Snyder has observed a layout that basically splits the difference among those two styles. Pictured above is the trendy model, which becomes launched after months of teasing. Regardless, we can’t wait to bear this element tearing via the streets of Gotham and, possibly, city. We’ve currently found out a number of the specifications of the new Bat mobile, and it's far an impressive trip to make sure. It’s absolutely armored, equipped with anti-ballistics gadgets, is stealth capable, and weighs a whopping 7000 kilos. Oh yeah, it additionally has a top speed of 205 mph.

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