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Well, that's called having a strong opinion about something. (Or it might also be fanatism, who knows :p)

Basically, both are going to picture themselves as the true saviors of the world. The Crimson Legion visualises itself as a great movement of freedom and emancipation, while the Cerulean Order view them as chaotic rebels that want to set the world on fire. Same goes for the opposite, with the Order thinking their members are agents of peace and order, while the Legion are absolutely convinced they're just preventing everyone from living the lives they truly deserve.It is believed that you can buy your ownBNS Gold before the launch day.

As the Reds tend to be a bit more popular in the community (and by extension the forums too), you'll see lots of demonization from the players regarding the Blues. That's just how it's going to be, that's how it always was. Just look at how it works in WoW. 

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