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Midnight Premier of New Moon a success in San Antonio

Midnight Premier of New Moon a success in San Antonio

Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner AP

The Regal, Live Oak, just outside of San Antonio, Texas was packed with die-hard Twilight fans anxiously awaiting the premier of New Moon. Based on book two of the Stephanie Meyer's Twilight series,air jordan homme, New Moon did not disappoint!

Although the book dragged in part two due to Bella's extreme depression (played by Kristen Stewart), Director Chris Weitz makes part two of the movie series exciting and fresh without detracting from all the love-torn, angsty feelings the very emo Bella goes through.

Readers know that in book two, Edward is mostly absent, (much to our disappointment), but young Jacob makes a miraculous transformation from cute teen to hunk of burning love. Literally, he's burning up! Our Jacob is going through a supernatural transformation that makes his skin extra toasty and his temperature run hot! Taylor Lautner is to be commended for all the extra work he did to sculpt his physique into the scrumptious specimen we see on the screen. He is definitely worth a few wolf whistles and a couple of howls.

Robert Pattinson maintains his reign as the ultra-sensitive, but agenda-secretive Edward. He delivers a great performance causing a few tears to fall from many of the awe-struck females in the audience. But I must say, it's the end that will get you! No, no. I refuse to give it away. It's awesome. It gets you right in the heart, but to find out what happens, you'll just have to go see it!

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