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Please refrain from using F7 to find parties and especially avoid clicking the long "Search for Party" button as well as the small "Register" button beside the party leader's name in F7. Doing so will send a translated macro to the servers which can potential detect client editing. Moreover, your translated macro will be revealed on LFP chat channels, and Chinese players might report you on suspicion of client editing, which is illegal if you need more Cheap Blade And Soul Gold. It is confirmed that the character info in the macro will be revealed in whatever language patch that you are using. The bottom right button in F7 might be safe, but if there's some other information being sent, then we don't know about it.

If we have a way to make the English patch to be 100% undetectable/unbannable, we would have already done so from the beginning. Unfortunately, language patches will always face a problem with macros even in OTHER games. Therefore users are usually discouraged to use macro that involves for example, linking of items, linking of mob names, etc. Blade and Soul's language patches are not the only ones with this problem. The F7 macro in particular pulls information from certain translated words. If we remove this translation or even replace it with other stuff or symbols, your class and levels will become untranslated or appear as symbols even through character profile window.

If you need to find a party, please use faction/zone chat (refer to Act 1 Chapter 1 Quest Summary (J window) for how to search for party using Faction/Zone Chat), or if you really don't mind risking it, use the bottom right button in F7.

Local patch (no need to download xml.dat ever again)
Uncensored Texture Patch (Non-Nude)
Alternate Font Patch (Based on Overhaul Font Patch)
Installation Path auto detection
CBT Stance Patch (based on my own Project)
Megaphone/Announcement Window Remover (based on my own Project)
Patcher update checker
Original File Backup
Revert Capabilities

Known Issue
English Patch and Other Feature can't be applied at the same time
Proceed by applying one after another
XML Extracting & Compressing took cheap Blade And Soul Items (10 minutes on my side)
Im trying to fix this for the next update
Boobs-Physic sometimes causing (1005) (183) error, do not enable it if you got this error code

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