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New Firmware For Asus Zenfone 2 Available For Download: Fixes Stagefright Bug

When a smartphone has a bug or problem, the manufacturer and the company have a few options. They can either recall the phones if the problem is incredibly serious, they can release a new version with the issue resolved, or they can offer major software updates that allow users to keep their existing phone and simply remedy the main issue in question.


When the consumers that bought an Asus Zenfone 2 had problems with stage fright vulnerability, the company was quick to release a download that not only offers an update to fix this problem but also adds new features too. The updates that need to be manually downloaded also fix other common problems.


What Is Stagefright And Why Is Fixing It So Important?


Used by Android, Stagefright is a media playback resource, though that is not what it is known for. Stagefright is now more commonly known for compromising security for phone users. The issue here is that hacking into the phone of an Android user would be incredibly easy, only requiring the hacker to know the number of the phone and then sending a multimedia message. Users do not even need to open the message for the malware to have a negative effect.


As this affects one of the most popular operating systems on the market, there are millions of smartphones left vulnerable to hackers and threats. It is important to fix this problem and protect users.


New Features


After installing the V2.20.40.59_20150807 update, users can explore all of the new features. The new features of the phone are plentiful, and none of them should go unnoticed.


These new features include a mobile manager application. This allows users to oversee essentially some of the most crucial parts of their phone’s operations. This includes monitoring data usage, notifications, auto-start manager, boost memory, power saver, and a virus scanner. The phone also allows for a VIP icon for important messages like SMS, emails and missed calls.


The new flip cover makes the phone more durable as well as functional. There is the possibility to use the hands-free operations as well as the Spotify application. In addition, the phone has new reminders for the timer and to prompt users to charge their device.


What Was Fixed?


Since the main reason for this system update was to fix the bugs, what exactly has been addressed? Users that have enjoyed the fixes provided by the updates are the only ones that really know how the phone has improved.


Here are some of the issues that have been fixed:

  • Sync-up of Wi-fi information and hotspot MAC address
  • Stability of the system UI, lock screen, do not disturb mode function, auto start manager and Launcher App
  • Alarm and task manager have been enhanced
  • Camera sphere panorama
  • Displaying charge mode without being plugged in
  • Stagefright and Android security patch
  • 4G Internet and Internet icon issue
  • Headphone issues
  • Gaming problems
  • Vibrate mode

There are many more bugs that have been fixed by this update, but they are much more technical and have to do with the deeper operation of the phones, something that does not concern the average user.

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