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You might notice we've just set up a new forum section to accommodate guild politics and rivalries, after much feedback from the community on this. It will allow you to say some more daring things than you would otherwise be allowed to about your frenemies in the game on Albion Online Gold, but please note that there are rules about conduct and you must follow them. Also bear in mind that flaming/insulting others is still not permitted in the rest of the forum.
This forum is not for recruiting; as you can see, we've renamed the "Guilds" section "Guild Recruitment", so please only recruit using that forum. This new section is for arguing and stuff like that.Head over there if you'd like and enjoy the competition!
Are you complaining that we're "blocking" homophobia? Is that actually what you're doing?
I've asked to keep religion, politics and current affairs out of the forum because they're controversial and could derail a forum which is ultimately tied to in-game conflict. Someone starts a thread about the conflict in Gaza, people start to get very angry and upset and that's not the Albion Mall of debate we want in this forum. It is for healthy in-game competition.
Also, please let me know where it says that you're allowed to talk about these mysterious "gay things" - I mention only that I don't want homophobic slurs in there, that doesn't mean I want everyone to have conversations about homosexuality. Just don't use bigoted language. That's all the rule says.

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