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Finally, some official Blade & Soul news brought to you by Blade & Soul Dojo! This is actually a couple of weeks old, but since we don't have an official Korean translator here at B&S Dojo watching their site, we overlooked the post (Yes, we still need a translator!). This was posted by a forum moderator on the B&S official Korean website, it was posted December 24th of last year.

The post gives us detailed information about Blade & Souls four playable races, the Kun, Gon, Jin.You are allowed to get more information in the official website to buy more Cheap Blade And Soul Gold.

The Kun

The Kun, an elegant and beautiful race that consists of only women. They are believed to have embodied the strength of the Chinese phoenix. They represent the ideal image of the male fantasy with their irresistible beauty and grace. They are sometimes mistaken for goddesses and fairies that have descended from the heavens. Their name stands for the sky, which originates from the belief that they indeed came from the sky.

They are very in tune with nature, and entertain themselves with music and poetry in hidden mountains and riversides. They believe strongly in world order and balance. They are determined to pacify the chaotic world, and to restore peace and honesty.

The Gon

The Gon, a symbol of strength, are a very masculine race. These giant power houses are not limited to males, they do in fact have women. What distinguishes the Gon females from the women of other races? Their extraordinary height and surprisingly attractive muscles. It is known that you can get more information about Buying Blade And Soul Gold

The Gon race is somewhat misunderstood. They are widely feared by ordinary people because of their somewhat destructive ways, but don't let that fool you. Despite the Gon's tough look, they are actually quite warming and hospitable. The Gon's represent the spirit of the earth, they prove to be the most trustworthy and reliable of all the races. However, their stubborn and upright nature can be easily manipulated by evil forces, it is then that these beings should be feared. According to ancient legend, the Gon's were born out of dragons breath and as such, they have inherited the curse that was placed upon the dragons by the gods. The Gon's have taken the curse as their fate and travel the human world helping others in hope that the curse would be lifted for their good deeds.

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