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Casinos are attracting people since last centuries but now a days online and social casinos are the talks of the town. Experts have recorded maximum online casino usage in the current year and they are expecting a great rise in the rate in upcoming years. Online or social casinos have become trendy due to their easy access and free of cost services along with due to the provision of a huge variety of casino games. Our Newtown casino is working for the same purpose but if you are in the business and have developed a website or app, you must be careful about the developers’ team. The team you choose will be responsible for your success as well as for your failure, so I recommend you to be careful about it.

In this article I am going to put light on the major features and characteristics which a casino games development team must be comprised of. It effects the business as well as the variety and quality of games which you provide to your clients. Some major factors which play major role in providing your clients best thrilling and exciting services are:

  • Unity in the team
  • Usefulness of the web
  • How easy it is to use
  • How attractively it has been designed
  • How you engage your client

If you want to know about the correct mixture and set up of your team, you must have:

A product manager who is expert for social casino: This person looks after the complete developing circle of the game, its web, its app and all software. He finalizes all the designs and projects proposed or provided by other team members such as Graphic designer or web, app developer. He helps to develop your site accordingly with hands on gaming experience. He makes your casino games more appealing and interesting by approving the best designs of game pay along with best architecture and animations.

Your UX researcher: His task is to do a lot of research to finalize visualizations and making game best, innovative, intuitive, fun-raising and easy. His task also includes making best view and gaming experience in mobiles as well in computers.

Game designer or architect: Who designs the graphics of the game and architect its mysteries which make game more challenging and attractive.

  • Your game’s graphic designer
  • Your game’s mobile app developer
  • A Web developer
  • A Testing expert

If you have all of them in your team, you team is sophisticated enough.

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