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Paintings tell a story words couldn't express

Many veterans do not want to dwell on or talk about their war experiences Cheap Cigarettes For Sale Online. My husband was one of these silent warriors. He told me that his father and grandfather were not only silent about, but felt contempt for, the various wars in which they served. War memorials depicting battles and guns did not thrill these men. As an artist, my husband made his comments in paintings. Not only war, but also troublesome environmental problems elicited his artistic statements. For example, when the West Valley Demonstration Project was in the news, a painting titled "Death in West Valley" depicted a demonstrator in a skeleton mask and in chains being led away from the nuclear waste site by a state trooper. The first Iraq War elicited an oil painting titled "Iraqi Warriors." My husband's laconic comment was his version of contempt for war, like his father and grandfather before him. The bombing and invasion of Kabul, Afghanistan, also elicited an oil painting titled "Kabul Buy Wholesale Cigarettes," which again showed his contempt for war. After his death, as I sorted through his stored work in his attic studio, I found six pastel pictures my husband neither mentioned nor framed for display. There was one artifact that I did know about and, as it turns out, it is the key to the six pictures. It's a leather map case he acquired from a German soldier while both of them were enduring the devastation of a city destroyed and inhabited by miserable people sorting through rubble for anything salvageable. Cigarettes, soap and food rations were the currency for exchange, in that order of value. The map case, used in the field to depict the terrain and perhaps targets and landmarks, was the result of one of these exchanges. My husband used it for his kit to take his tools of the trade when he sketched and painted outdoors. It was only after I discovered the six pictures, a numbered series that began with a realistic picture of the map case, that a wave of recognition came over me. This series of pictures was my husband's commentary on his experience in Europe during the mopping-up operations at the end of World War II Buy Cigarettes Online Free Shipping. The second picture in the series is of a case that seems to be moving, shaking, opening and closing. The third picture is a shock. It's the face of a soldier staring into the abyss of horrors of war. The fourth picture is a more abstract, deconstructed map case. The fifth picture is simply a white map case with a bit of shading at the edges Duty Free Marlboro Cigarettes. The sixth and last picture is a surprise. It depicts three abstract figures, nude torsos. The title of the series is "H Junk Felder I through VI." H Junk Felder is the name of the German soldier written inside the flap of the map case. I studied the pictures for quite awhile and then went in search of the map case Order Newports Online. I opened the case and found the name of the soldier. With all of the pieces in place and the pictures before me, a feeling of deep respect came over me. This was my husband's way of "speaking" about war. His angle on the story shows how he transformed memories of past horrors of war into artful renderings, just as he transformed an artifact of war into an artifact of peace.
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