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PoE Guide On Leveling Ancestral Warchief To Maps In Speedrun

In Path of Exile, do you know how to level ancestral warchief from 1 to maps in speedrun? Here's my take, and I 've used it to get to maps in 5-6 hours, I hope it will help you:

Lvl 1-28: Molten Strike + Ancestral Call + Fire Damage + Ele Damage supports. Take out the Anc. Call for bosses w/o adds. Use physical damage sceptres if on league start, dual screaming eagles + karui ward if you have 3 - 5c to spare. Use heralds and Anger to supplement your damage, and focus on getting life and ancestral bond until lvl 28.

28+: You get warchief, and can steamroll the game to maps. You can go phys. dmg with Warchief + Phys Dmg + added fire + maim and use the highest possible phys. weapon you come across, or ele with Warchief + phys to lightning + ele dmg + phys. dmg depending on your desired endgame setup.

Some tips:

- Totems mean you avoid stuff, not tank them. So don't try to tank stuff. Maximize your mobility with quicksilver, silver flasks and move speed boots instead. Maintaining some Poe Xbox Currency if you need.

- Don't wait around for your totems to kill stuff or pick up loot. Place the totem and move on. With high enough attack speed and a good weapon, your totems will get one to two shots off before you leave the screen, killing most whites. That's enough XP so you keep leveling while moving.

- Use a strict filter and only pick up alch or higher stuff and weapons.

- Spec into generic damage nodes and leave weapon nodes for endgame. Use the highest available DPS weapon that matches your setup that you can find or buy. Upgrade your weapon every 5 - 10 levels.

- Normal and cruel labs are meant to speed up your progress. Do them as soon as you feel comfortable, and prioritize whatever helps you clear and move quicker. You need 1-1.5k life for normal, 2.2 - 3k life for cruel to feel relatively comfortable.

You will pose a tremendous challenge if you aren't prepared, therefore, it is important for you to read the above article completely.

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