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Roomba 650 is the most popular robotic vacuum iRobot has ever released. It’s a best-selling device with the highest ratings on Amazon.  To date, Roomba 650 remains as the most successful smart floor cleaner in its industry.

A lot of people consider purchasing Roomba 614 instead of the 650 model since other Roomba owners have told them that they can save some money (Roomba 614 is on sale quite often).

It’s true that the Roomba 614 is a newer model (despite it being called 614) and so it wouldn’t be surprising if this smart floor cleaner operated more effectively than the 650 model.

Both of these devices are highly rated products, and there are thousands of people who can vouch that these two smart floor cleaners are intelligent, practical and powerful.

In this Roomba 650 vs 614 article, we’ll analyse some of the most important aspects of these robotic vacuums to find out how these two differ and which of them takes the top spot.

Why buy Roomba 614?

Honestly speaking, the Roomba 614 is not a good purchased now that it lacks the basic Scheduling function. Remember, one of the unique propositions of robot vacuums is the programmability. It’s so sad that iRobot is introducing a model without the basic programmability function.

I can recommend this Roomba for two reasons.

  • If you are on a very tight budget because it is the cheapest Roomba on the market right now
  • If you have nasal allergies as it comes with true HEPA filters whereas Roomba 650 and 690 have HEPA-style filters

Why buy Roomba 650?

At least for the Roomba 650, it has the standard features you want in a robot vacuum.

So, who should buy the Roomba 650 and for what reason?

  • Roomba 650 is very cheap and offers great value for money. It costs less than $300 and has some really amazing and unique features
  • Unlike Roomba 614, this one has Schedule function and also Virtual Walls which help to make cleaning and the entire experience easier

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