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Who buys sex dolls? Why would anyone want to own a sex doll? The answers are broad and vast. Beyond the obvious carnal pleasures a sex doll can provide, sex dolls fill many different needs for all kinds of people. We are seeing more and more couples bringing sex dolls into the bedroom to spice things up without the complications of human being. With both male and female sex dolls available, both men and women find benefits and pleasure using sex dolls. Sex dolls can be a healthy addition to a couples sex life without the drama or jealousy of a third person. A sex doll makes a perfectly suited threesome partner. In some instances, one of the partners in a relationship may have lost their sex drive due to a health related issue. A sex doll, which for them is actually just a very realistic sex toy, can help to fill sexual needs while allowing them to maintain their fidelity to their partner both physically and emotionally.

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Comment by Harry Holmes on October 9, 2018 at 1:55pm

But making her up exactly how you want her to be is half the fun isn't it? When you buy a Real Love Sex Doll you're able to completely customize her to your own unique preferences and taste. Most dolls options include body style which encompasses height, breast size and body proportion and other options include skin color, eye color, wig style and color, pubic hair (or none), fixed or replaceable vagina, manicure color and toenail polish colors. You create your dream girl, who is completely and uniquely yours from head to toe. Your Real Love Sex Doll will include a TPE skin swatch for testing in the same color skin as your doll, the wig of your choosing, a vaginal warming rod, handling gloves and a blanket. A Doll Care Kit and additional accessories are also available. Contact us directly via chat, email or phone! Our customers want's, needs and questions are super important to us and we are here to help in any way we can, so don't hesitate to get in touch! Two lubricating oil drops into the vagina the anus Beside the labia minora. 4 afterward, doll is deflated, Yin anal out from behind. 5 put silica gel Yin anus in the water (don’t doing the laundry detergent) water can, (do not use hot water silicone vaginal anal) can wash the vagina open. 6 the choose and buy has the kiss can be a good battery that sound machine configuration (the battery needs to buy their own, 5 batteries) to jump eggs in anus can enjoy massage and human pleasure! We guarantee delivery every day, the time of arrival of the goods delivery no accurate schedule, sometimes no timely with the new logistics information. Don’t rush goods every day! Don’t worry about the goods lost, even if lost one thousand express company is also a full compensation We also look forward to baby kiss the fastest speed, but we can do is to ensure the first delivery!

Comment by Harry Holmes on October 9, 2018 at 1:53pm

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