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Skill moves for better performance in FIFA 15

How to get better at FUT 15 ? It is very important learn some skill moves. This could be the difference between scoring a goal or creating a space in the game. In previous years this part of the game was neglected, however since incorporating a few skills into your game, it’s clear how much they contribute to chance creation and goal scoring.

We are not talking about packing your team full of 5* skillers and spending the entire game doing it, but used sparingly, a well-timed skill move can be the difference between getting a chance or not.

We have only learned a handful so far but it’s incredible how effective some simple skills can be. The skills that should be used routinely are:
1).Ronaldo Chop
2). Roulette
3). McGeady Spin
4).Fake Shot

These skills don’t take much time to learn if you put your mind to it and practice it in the practice arena. Learn them one at a time and start to use them in game and you’ll be amazed at the difference in your game.

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