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Standards Unmasked: Lockheed Martin's Jeffrey Wilcox Sits On NIST Advisory Board... Shameful!

JEFFERY WILCOX - CHAIRMAN -NIST-MEP (National Institute Of Standards & Technology-Manufacturing Extension Program (Partnership)


Daryl Guberman- CEO - GUBERMAN-PMC, LLC, and Possible Senatorial Candidate 2022 http://www.darylguberman.com talks with business owners about Standards Unmasked: Lockheed Martin's Jeffrey Wilcox Sits as Chairman On NIST Advisory Board... Shameful!’

NIST – National Vulnerability Database website was hacked. WE can not have confidence in security or quality of cybersecurity rendered through NIST.The tangled alliances between NIST & ANSI-ASQ national accreditation board ANAB & China lead-IAF international accreditation forum/ North Korea ally & Iran member and state department terrorist country is just opening the doors to the Chinese and just taking sensitive and secure information.

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